Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Recital Information 2013

Thank you for a great year of Dance.  You’re kids are wonderful, I’ve enjoyed teaching them!  It is time to get ready for the dance recital, please read the whole note:

Creative Movement/Beginning Ballet:  They will not be making any costume changes if they do not have a solo.  Please wear your pink tights and blue costume and either bare foot or ballet shoes.
Hair: Needs to be in one High Ballerina Bun.  Here is a link to what I want.
Make-Up: Lipstick, Mascara, eye shadow, and Blush.

Ballet/Jazz I & II:  Please come in black jazz pants and blue t-shirts with your pink tights underneath.  Then bring their pink ballet costumes to change into.  Soloists bring your costume.

Hair: Needs to be in two High Ballerina Buns.  Here is a link to what I want.  Without the flowers.
Make-Up: Lipstick, Mascara, eye shadow, and Blush.

Dress Rehearsal is on Thursday April 18th at 6:00pm at the Greybull High School Auditorium.  This is a Dress rehearsal which means we will be rehearsing costume changes and everything. The dancers need to come dressed and bring all extra costumes to the dress rehearsal.  They need to have Hair, Make-Up and everything like they are going to have it for the Recital so I can make any necessary changes.  I will need parent help backstage so please stay and help if you can, the more help I have the faster we can get done.

Recital is Friday April 19th at 7:00pm at the Greybull High School Auditorium, be there by 6:45 in costume ready to go.  Please bring your child to the dressing room backstage where I will have backstage help for tonight.

Award Day: for Creative movement will be on the following Wednesday April 24th at 10:30am at the rec center.  Ballet/Jazz you’re award day will be announced.

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