Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Natalie and Bryan's Duet

When you watch Natalie's part the video got started a few steps after the music started so don't forget the fan kicks.

Monday, March 5, 2012

March Solo/Duet Schedule

March Solo/Duet Practice Schedule, 2012

Date Time Solo/Duet

Saturday March 3rd 8:00 Cloe/Kota/Paige

8:30 Kendall and Alyssa

9:00 Lacey

9:30 Angelica

Monday March 5th 4:40 Hannah/Sam TBA

Monday March 12th 4:40 Angelica

Monday March 19th 4:40 Natalie and Bryan

Monday March 26th 4:40 TBA

Saturday March 31st 8:00 Cloe/Kota/Paige

8:30 Kendall/Alyssa

9:00 Hannah/Sam

9:30 Angelica

10:00 Lacey

Each Lesson is $10! Please See me for Up to date payment information.

Thursday, March 1, 2012


Ballet/Jazz I and Creative movement/Beginning Ballet class performed at Bonnie Blue Jacket Nursing Home they did a great job and it was fun to spread some cheer.

Ballet/Jazz I and Hip Hop performed for the Basketball games on Friday the 17th. They were well received and the audience really enjoyed the performance. Hip Hop classes costumes were in and it was fun to wear those. Everyone did a great job! Thanks to the parents for all the help!

Alyssa Performing at the Boys Basketball game, picture from the paper.
Also check out this video on you tube of the girls basketball game performance by Ballet/Jazz I.